Salop Creative’s design predictions for 2017

Posted By Joel Stone on January 5, 2017

2017 has crept up on us but we have found a bit of time to pull together our predictions for graphic design in the coming year. Our predictions are less about adopting trends and more about what we expect to see and why. Trends in design usually come with justification and it is that reasoning we are interested in.

Salop Creative Graphic Design Predictions 2017

So without further ado, here is our list of what we expect to see more of in 2017:

Bold photos with clean text

Bold images with bold, clean text was everywhere is 2016 and we expect this to continue. High contrast, striking images and large typefaces lend themselves well to both print promotions and small screens, working well with responsive/mobile-first web design.

Responsive logos

Logos that can react to their environment and respond to dimensional constraints are going to be huge in 2017! Designers will be even more focused on ensuring their logo designs work at all sizes without loss of brand identity. As new devices emerge all the time (including the recently showcased wallpaper TV) responsive logos are vital.

Modular web layouts

Finally designers, copywriters, photographers and their clients agree… If you break website text and imagery up in to manageable chunks you improve the user experience and create more engagement. We’ve been huge advocates of clean, modular web design for some time and a lot of the major websites we saw launch in late 2016 take this approach.


Cinemagraph is the fancy word for a still image with a single moving element. They usually come in GIF format and they’re a great way of grabbing a user’s attention. As more billboards, bus shelters and signage goes digital and websites get stripped back for faster loading times, the more cinemagraphs we are going to see.


We love minimalism at Salop Creative. We often speak to clients about how design isn’t about how fancy you can be, or the effects used. In our eyes design is about how much you can take away and a creation still be functional and fit for purpose. Often a concept can start life quite complicated and once it has been stripped down and revised, appear quite simple. Yet ask someone to come up with that simple final artwork and they won’t be able to without the process. White space and a “less is more” approach will always be popular (particularly with Swiss-style design geeks like us).

Hand-drawn illustrations

In contrast to the clean lines and white space of minimalism, hand illustrated elements are proving very popular at the moment. Illustrations are great for demonstrating a complex problem or a set of instructions in a simple way. Illustration also adds a “human element” to a design which can help create a connection with the viewer.

Retro twist

Typefaces with a retro feel, washed out photography, false wear and tear. This nostalgia-filled style of design style was huge in 2016 and will continue to be in 2017. It works so well for brands trying to get away from the mass-produced, corporate look and is perfect for artisan businesses. Expect to see more combinations of modern design mixed with old styles to achieve that retro look.

There is our predictions. It will be interesting to see which ones pan out.

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