Helping out a charity that once helped us

Posted By Joel Stone on June 22, 2016

Caitlin’s Kickstart Award is a Shropshire based charity founded in 2001. The charity was setup with the aim of providing Ludlow College graduates with financial assistance in their following year of further or higher education. As of 2015 they had gifted over £30000 in awards.

Our director Joel was the proud recipient of the Caitlin’s Kickstart Award. This went a huge way in to assisting him buy his first Apple Mac ready for his graphic design degree.

CKA co-founder Linda Hurcombe kept in touch with Joel over the years and this year approach Salop Creative for assistance with their new website. The Salop Creative team were only too happy to oblige.

CKA were keen to have a website that was responsive to all devices, made it clear how you apply for the award and gave credit to supporters and previous winners. We built them a solution that automatically updates itself, can be built upon in future and we are also providing the hosting and management.

“It was a pleasure to help out a charity that has previously helped me. Were it not for Caitlin’s Kickstart Award I would never have got my first Apple Mac. You could even conclude, were it not for CKA then we would have never seen Salop Creative” stated Joel.

“Linda has always stayed in touch and kept tabs on how I was doing. It feels great to give back to the charity and see them continue to support students in their ongoing studies and development”.

The website

It was important that the website was responsive to all devices and easy to use. We built the site with influence from imagery and graphics from previous supporters. The result was a clean website, easy to browse, that works across multiple devices with fast loading times.

Check out the finished result here.

Support CKA

Could you support Caitlin’s Kickstart Award? They’re a local charity helping local students, with previous supporters including the late, great Pete Postlethwaite. For more information contact Linda Hurcombe and the CKA team.

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