Alicia: An intern’s review

Posted By Joel Stone on February 23, 2016

We asked Alicia about her time here at Salop Creative and her plans for the future…

How did you find out about Salop Creative?
I found Salop Creative on a general Google search looking for design agency’s in and around Shrewsbury

Have you enjoyed your internship at Salop Creative?
I have honestly had a great experience here. The atmosphere is professional but relaxed, the directors made me feel comfortable very quickly and they have been very helpful with any questions I had or at times when I have been stuck.

What have you learnt during your time here?
I have learnt a lot about what is required on a website homepage and general website layout design, which is something I generally didn’t have a lot of experience in. I also gained useful skills using different tools in Adobe Illustrator and broadened my knowledge of company branding and social media advertising.

What was your favourite part of your time at Salop Creative?
I honestly couldn’t put it down to one instance. The guys in the office were very easy to get along with and so helpful. I was thrilled to be put on a live brief from the word go and build a whole brand from scratch. Having the opportunity to pitch my ideas to clients, seeing my work progress through the different design processes and seeing it mocked up onto different corporate stationary and online has been a really great experience.

What was your least favourite task?
My least favourite task at first was trying to design cover images for social media, I was very stuck on which direction to go in. However, once I settled on a design I liked I ended up enjoying the task… So really I don’t have a negative response to any of the tasks I was set.

Where will you go from here?
Next week I have an interview for more work experience at another design company in Crewe, which could potentially lead to a job. Joel gave me some great advice for future interviews and presenting my portfolio so fingers crossed!
I hope to have built my knowledge base and experience up enough by the time I graduate my HND that I can find industry work relatively quickly after.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
In five years time I would hope to have a high position in a design/marketing/advertising company. I have always said that when I’m driving on the motorway and/or through a city, and I see my work on a billboard somewhere, then I know I’ve got where I wanted to be.

Having spent time in the studio, do you now understand the importance of the question “what is your favourite film”?
Considering Salop Creative are big Game of Thrones fans, it was very fortunate that one of my favourite T.V show’s is in fact Game of Thrones because it gives you something extra to talk about.

Would you recommend Salop Creative to other students looking for work experience?
Absolutely, I have done work experience for a couple of different companies and Salop Creative have been the best place I have been to so far. I would highly recommend sending them an email as Joel is very good at getting back to you quickly and always tries to offer interns live briefs to work on.

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